(Photo is of a church in Port Arthur, Texas)

Pastor Sparks is in communication with Rev. Matthew Tuttle, pastor of Eastgate church in Vidor, Texas. He stated that 82 families in their church have had their homes flooded. Over 50% of the families do not have flood insurance and 60% of the homes are a total loss. Pastor Tuttle has asked Pastor Sparks to come and help with property restorations. Several of the homes that need cleaned up and restored are widow’s homes. Pastor Sparks will be leaving Wednesday, and taking a load of cleanup supplies to the Eastgate Church. Items needed are rubber gloves, rubber boots, fans, dehumidifiers, heavy duty garbage bags, etc. If you can help with these items, or you would like to donate to help with the purchase of these things, please let me know. You can also donate below.



Drop off supplies:

667 E. Main St.,

Hohenwald, TN